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If you could learn one skill, what would it be? Odds are, there’s a course pack in the collection that pertains to your passion. Whether you’re a total beginner or have some experience, boost your abilities in personal finance, web design, coding, travel hacks, stress management, cooking, guitar, photography, and more with these Pay What You Want deals.

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This collection is a gold mine of creative and educational content suitable for any budget. Choose your own price for popular items like the Babbel language learning subscription, an Android developer course bundle, WordPress blog building intel, and even training to help you sleep better. 

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Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar or you aspire to be the next big-name magazine photographer. Perhaps you’d like to improve your cooking skills or boost your web design prowess. Whatever your passion, get the tools you need to improve for pay-what-you-want prices now. 

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Online classes are the pinnacle of convenience, but they can also be expensive. We created a collection of educational courses that are not only highly-rated but extremely affordable. Pay what you want for lessons in everything from programming in Python to investing in real estate to learning a new language with Babbel. 

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Now’s the time to pull the trigger on that passion project without worrying about failing. This collection includes all types of helpful and educational apps and programs, available at pay-what-you-want prices. Don’t wait another day to pursue your passion—shop these budget-friendly course bundles now. 

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It’s a buyer’s market. Explore this exciting collection of top-tier educational content for incredible prices. Now, you can pay what you want to learn how to code, invest in real estate, play guitar, improve your public speaking skills, and much more. 

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